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Why You Need to Change Your Transmission Fluid

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Why You Need to Change Your Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid lubricates the moving parts inside the transmission. In an automatic vehicle, the fluid also cools the transmission and sends power to it from the engine. The type of fluid used depends on whether the vehicle has an automatic or manual transmission. Regardless of the type of transmission, changing the fluid periodically can prevent expensive problems. How often the transmission fluid should be replaced depends on the type of vehicle you own and how you use it.

When Should Transmission Fluid Be Changed?

Your vehicle’s manufacturer has a schedule that recommends routine maintenance intervals. Those recommendations depend in part on whether a car has an automatic or manual transmission. You should change the transmission fluid according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, or more often if the vehicle is operated under demanding circumstances.

Hard use can cause a vehicle’s transmission fluid to deteriorate faster than usual. If you frequently drive in a city in stop-and-go traffic, carry heavy loads, or pull a trailer, the extra strain on the transmission can cause the fluid to have to be replaced sooner than it would under less stressful driving conditions.

Signs That Your Car’s Transmission Fluid Needs to Be Changed

Transmission fluid can be several colors, but it is usually red. As it deteriorates with use, the fluid can turn a darker hue and take on a burnt smell.

An automatic transmission generates heat that causes the fluid to degrade over time. In vehicles with both manual and automatic transmissions, the fluid can become contaminated with metal particles, which can cause the transmission to wear out faster.

In addition to looking at the appearance of the transmission fluid, you should check the amount periodically. If your car gets low on transmission fluid, it may not shift properly, which can cause the transmission to wear out. You might not hear any noises to alert you to a problem, which is why checking the transmission fluid level regularly is so important.

Take Your Vehicle to a Professional

If your transmission fluid is dark, has a burnt odor, or is contaminated with debris, or if the manufacturer’s guidelines say it’s time to replace it, schedule an appointment at Tire Country in Enfield, Connecticut. We can change the transmission fluid in an automatic or manual vehicle to prevent damage. Replacing the fluid as recommended, or more frequently if needed, is a simple way to avoid costly repairs. Contact us today to make an appointment.

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