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After a long, cold winter it’s a good idea to reconnect with nature and use your car for something other than duty and humdrum errands. Check out these scenic CT drives to do this spring!
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How to Know When Your Vehicle Needs New Tires

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How to Know When Your Vehicle Needs New Tires
Tires’ lifespan can be affected by the type of vehicle, what kind of roads you drive on, how you drive, how much you spend on your tires and how often you use the vehicle. As a general rule, the tread on your tires should never fall below 1/16 of an inch (or 1.6 millimeters) in depth.
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Changing the Brakes on Your Car: When and Why

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Changing the Brakes on Your Car: When and Why
Aggressive driving that leads to frequent braking from high speeds can wear out brake pads very quickly. If you live in a very hilly environment rather than flat land, your brakes will need to be replaced more frequently.
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Why Does Your Car Overheat?

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There are several reasons that can cause a car engine to overheat. Here are the most common.
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Winter Safety Tips For You and Your Vehicle

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There are several things drivers should remember during the winter months that they should do to keep their vehicles running at peak performance.
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Check Engine Light On? Here’s What It Could Mean

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Our car engine light is a great way to remind us to have our cars checked. Here’s what that light could mean if you find it shining on your dashboard.
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Snow in Connecticut can create many issues for motorists. Read our advice on how to prepare for and how best to adapt to driving in the snow to help you stay safe on the roads.
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Winter in Connecticut is magical. There are some truly breathtaking views of nature around the state. Here are some places you’ll want to see this winter in Connecticut.
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Car Pulling to the Side? You May Need an Alignment

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The wheels that drive your car forward don’t just need to spin and stop, they also need to drive you straight ahead. If your car is pulling you off to the side, there could be an alignment issue that should be checked. This is one of the more obvious indicators of an alignment issue. Here are some other things that mean it’s time to have an alignment done on your car.
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4 Reasons You Absolutely Need Winter Tires for Your Car

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Think you can safely navigate the coming winter with regular tires? Think again! Learn about why your car needs winter tires and how you can get them with Tire Country of Enfield.
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